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Ann Sarnoff Became the First female CEO of Warner Bros

The media veteran will run one of Hollywood’s most powerful studios at a turbulent time

Anna Sarnoff will take the reins of American entertainment giant and become the first female chief in the studio’s near-100-year-old history.

“I want to work closely with colleagues across WarnerMedia and make the whole more than the part,” Sarnoff said in a phone interview. “I want to take what is a very successful legacy and history and make it even stronger going forward.”

Currently the president of BBC studios Americas, Sarnoff has past executive experience working for the Women's National Basketball Association and media conglomerate such as Dow Jones and Viacom.

Described by entertainment industry news outlets as a surprise pick and a “Hollywood outsider”, Sarnoff is joining Warner at an incredibly complex time.

She will become the successor of Kevin Tsujihara, the married executive who previously fell under fire as he was accused of securing roles for an actress after the two had sex.

On the other hand, the studio's parent company is investing heavily in a streaming TV and film service that will launch in beta by the end of the year. A full launch is expected in early 2020.

Sarnoff will oversee worldwide operations at Warner Bros., including the production, marketing and distribution of film, television and interactive entertainment, when she officially joins the company this summer.

A female studio chief is a rarity in Hollywood, even though the industry's trade association says women account for 51% of moviegoers in the United States.

Source: The Hill

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