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Asia first LGBT-focused streaming service to go global amid coronavirus pandemic

Amid of the coronavirus crisis, streaming service Gagaoolala, nicknamed by some as the “gay Netflix”, is hoping to expand globally, reaching 190 countries around the world, bringing Asian and international LGBTIQ+ stories to those who are isolating at home.

Gagaoolala was initially launched by Taiwan’s Portico Media in 2017, covering the scope of 21 Asian countries today, have announced their expansion plan to reach more than 190 from early May.

The platform features films, documentaries, shorts and TV, offering a variety of free content such as Walk With Australia – a documentary about Australia’s journey to marriage equality.

According to WHO data, over a million people have been infected by the current novel coronavirus. Governments from different countries are imposing lockdowns and policies to control the spread, which forces people to stay home instead. As a result, the excess time spent at home translates directly to the uprise of video services like Youtube, Netflix and Disney Plus.

“With the LGBT community especially isolated - especially if they are living by themselves and not welcomed by family - we hope this provides relief, distraction and entertainment,” said Jay Lin, head of Taipei-based Portico Media.

Celebrate the anniversary of same-sex marriage passing in Taiwan

Same-sex marriage in Taiwan became legal on 24 May 2019, a critical progress towards their development as one of the region’s more liberal societies.

Celebrating this anniversary, GagaOOLala will stream a new documentary on same-sex marriage through the eyes of three couples from different generations.


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