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No More Forced Arbitration for Google Employees

After employees protested Google's handling of sexual harassment cases, Google will reportedly end forced arbitration for employees.

This Thursday, Google announce there will no longer require current and future employees to go through mandatory arbitration for disputes within the company, effective from March 21st.

In addition, the tech giant will remove mandatory arbitration requirements from their employment agreements its contractors, vendors and temporary workers.

This news comes after the sustained employee protest in November. During that time, Google employees walked out of their offices to protest the way how company was handling sexual harassment claims. Shortly after the protest, Google dropped their arbitration requirements for sexual harassment claims. However, protesters claimed the change was not enough.

With mandatory arbitration, employees are not allowed to take their internal complains to court. The campaign organizers said 60 million Americans are affected by forced arbitration.

Thursday's announcement finally addressed all the problems from Google employees.

"This victory never would have happened if workers hadn't banded together, supported one another, and walked out," Google walkout organizers wrote in a tweet Thursday.

Source: Wired

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