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Singapore Businesses Pledged to End Workplace HIV Discrimination

Eighty businesses in Singapore have made a commitment to end workplace discrimination against people living with HIV (PLHIV).

Major LGBTI organizations in Singapore including Action for AIDS (AFA) and support group, Oogachaga, collaborated with social enterprise, Be Inclusive, to end HIV discrimination in the workplace.

Multinational companies such as Google and Barclays are some of the participants to the pledge alongside local companies such as restaurant booking platform, Chope.

‘The challenge of being gainfully employed without the fear of being sacked because of one’s HIV infection must be addressed if we want to effectively control HIV in Singapore,’ AFA’s advocacy manager, Avin Tan told Today Online.

Companies that sign the pledge have to ensure that:

  1. A worker’s HIV status is not grounds for his or her dismissal from employment.

  2. Support will be provided to any employee who suffers harassment or discrimination due to his or her HIV status.

  3. Educational initiatives will be carried out to reduce HIV stigma and discrimination in Singapore. Companies can look to guidelines issued by the Singapore National Employers Federation on managing HIV and Aids (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) — the end stage of HIV infection — at the workplace.

In late January it was revealed the personal data of more than 14,000 PLHIV in Singapore had been leaked online, which led to concerns in discriminations in both workplaces and homes. Victims could potentially lose their job and get distanced by their family members.

According to data from Avert, a global HIV educator, more than 50% of people worldwide have discriminatory attitudes to PLHIV, limiting access to HIV testing, treatment and other HIV services.

Source: todayonline

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