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[US] Minneapolis police union blames trans people for city’s budget struggles

The chief of the Minneapolis police union has blamed trans people for the city’s budget problems during the coronavirus pandemic

Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, has recently been called out for defending the four officer involved in the killing of George Floyd. One of the four police officer, Derek Chauvin, used his knee to pin Floyd to the ground by his neck until he went limp.

According to the Star Tribune, Kroll wrote a letter to union members said that protesters against police brutality were a “terrorist movement”, and mentioned “The politicians are to blame and you are the scapegoats.”

The letter ignited the social media with thoughts about Kroll, some using the hashtag #KrollMustGo.

Adding fuel to the fire, Kroll said in an interview with STMI radio that the budget issues could be blamed on the city “p**sing away money” by helping trans people access city services:

“The first thing we said was OK, let’s see the budget, let’s see the city budget. And guys they’re p**sing away, millions and millions of dollars to projects, like, you know, they’re giving $15,000 a year to the transgender coordinator of the city.”

On the 2nd of June, Minnesota AFL-CIO President Bill McCarthy issued a statement, calling on Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll to immediately resign and blamed him for systematic problems in the police force.

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