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Have you been belittled, humiliated, dismissed or harassed at work due to your gender, age and race? Or have you witnessed discrimination at the workplace that keep you up at night?



Don’t let your stories go unheard – silence and vulnerability go hand in hand and your silence fuels the power of abusers.



While your stories were perhaps ignored or even ridiculed when shared with your own social circle, by sharing your experience here, you can lift up the other people around the world and inspire other victims to break the silence.



Every revolution and movement begins with a story. And it’s time for us to start our own.


By sharing your story, you can make a difference in someone else’s life. Upon the realization that many around the world have suffered from workplace discrimination and that workers worldwide are fighting for equal workplace opportunities, we feel empowered. When we know we are not alone, we have the courage to carry on.

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Types of Employment Discrimination
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