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the rainbow card project

It’s 2019, why is it easier to find a pokemon on a greeting card than one for a same-sex partner or one for an African baby?

What if we addressed diversity and inclusion by featuring the underrepresented groups on greeting cards more?


The Rainbow Card Project is an initiative to celebrate diversity and inclusion by supporting groups that are often forgotten, neglected or dismissed in the society.

By creating greeting cards that feature people of different cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, age groups, this project hopes to give the underrepresented crowds love, and to offer them cards that actually resemble them.

Our cards can also include handwritten messages to add an extra personal touch.



Greeting cards should no longer be stuck in the past.

My design will celebrate diversity and inclusion by shedding light on the festivals of different cultures, people of different colours, individuals with sexual orientations and so on.

We just started a Kickstarter Campaign for this project, with a pledge to raise

HK$ 20,000 (USD 2,556) by November 15 2019

Together with your help, we can create more innovative designs, reach more people around the world and ultimately raise awareness of diversity and inclusion. 

Hapy 16th Birthday! Enjoy today!.png




Getting older is not so bad when you are blowing candles and eating cakes with those who truly love and care for you. 



Thank you


Whether it is someone who lifted you up when you were down, or someone who enlightened you with words of wisdom - saying Thank you on cards always meant a lot more than doing it over email or text. 



Celebrate your milestones with a card that show an adept representation of you and your beloved one. 





Celebrate this joyous festival with creativity and diversity. Why can't we have a dark-skinned Santa along with a squad of helpers from around the world?

Valentine's day

While we shouldn't limit our "I Love You" on Vdays, it's always nice to give a special shout-out to your special someone on this romantic day. 



Just to say hi


Let someone know you're on their mind with a specially designed card and a handwritten note. 

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